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Who is Sahursart? Meet Our Founder: Sahur Saleim

Welcome to Sahur's Art, where self-expression knows no bounds! At only 23, Sahur Saleim, a young and renowned makeup artist dreamed to launch something of her own and set out on a very difficult journey as she navigated the cost, sourcing materials and a global pandemic. Her passion and talent have shaped the very essence of our brand.

A Journey of Artistry:

Sahur embarked on her journey in the beauty industry at a tender age of 17, wielding brushes and palettes like a true virtuoso. Born with an innate talent for makeup artistry, her early years were marked by an curiosity and a tireless pursuit of perfection. At 17, she created her Instagram account which, blew up over the years to come. It was evident even then that Sahur was destined to leave an indelible mark on the world of beauty. To date, she has worked on hundreds of people, including brides, shoots and even celebrity clientele.

From Brushes to Business:

The transition from makeup artist to business visionary was a natural evolution for Sahur. Based in Singapore, armed with an unwavering passion for beauty and a keen entrepreneurial spirit, she recognized the need for a platform that not only offered high-quality products but also ones that could last in the tough weather conditions of her home. 

Redefining Beauty Norms:

Sahur envisions beauty beyond conventional standards. Their philosophy revolves around inclusivity, self-love, and the celebration of individuality. This perspective is intricately woven into the fabric of our e-commerce platform, where every product tells a story of empowerment and authenticity.

Innovating the Industry:

What sets Sahur's Art apart is Sahur's relentless pursuit of innovation. Drawing inspiration from the ever-evolving world of makeup artistry, they curate a selection of products that not only meet the highest standards but set new benchmarks for the industry. This is only possible thanks to the close relationship Sahur has with her audience and their comfort to ask her for the formulas they seek and their honesty about their beauty concerns. Sahur is not just a makeup artist; she is your best friend that makes products to solve your beauty concerns.


Vision for the Future:

As Sahur's Art continues to flourish, Sahur remains committed to the brand's core values. The future holds exciting possibilities, from groundbreaking collaborations to pioneering initiatives that redefine beauty norms. With Sahur at the helm, we're not just a beauty destination; we're a movement, transforming the way Singapore and the world sees and experiences beauty.

Join us on this extraordinary journey crafted by the hands and vision of Sahur Together, let's paint a vibrant, inclusive, and beautiful canvas where every stroke tells a story of self-love and empowerment.

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